Photos courtesy of Keith Nicholls ©
The driver's meeting.
The special guests for the tribute meeting. Barry Graham in # 8 and son Steven Graham in # 1 
Barry and Steven get set for some demonstration laps.
Gordon Benny in his Yeradi Offy USA # 4 and Andy Croft in NZ # 3. 
Aaron Benny takes the family Offy # 4 for a spin.
Aaron won the 1991 Australian Speedcar Grand Prix at the Sydney Showground.
Carl Yenne in USA 47 outside Grahame Campbell from Cootamundra 
in Vic # 74 .
'Mr. Illabo' himself - Kerry Phelan in his USA # 4 midget - Kerry and his hard working lllabo crew have provided the Vintage Speedway enthusiasts with their own dedicated Vintage Demonstration venue at Illabo.
Andy Pearce from Melbourne in his Vic # 13 Volvo. 
Gordon Benny in #4 at the rear of hard working Illabo crew man 
Charlie Vella from Sydney in # 82.
A great sight.
 Steven Graham back behind the wheel in his modern caged midget
Australia # 1
Gordon Benny in USA #4 outside Deb Donaldson in USA # 5. 
Kerry Phelan in 4 runs outside Travis Mills in Vic. # 55.
John Campbell's NQ # 2 in full flight.
Kerry Phelan and Steven Graham at the mike.
Kerry Phelan makes the presentations to Barry & Kay Graham
 and Steven & Kerry Graham.